人生には様々な選択があります。選択は必ずしも絶対な幸福をもたらさないかもしれませんが、あなたに変化のチャンスを与えます。JPshikenのAPIAPI-571日本語対策問題集はIT職員としてのあなたがIT試験に受かる不可欠なトレーニング資料です。JPshikenのAPIAPI-571日本語対策問題集はカバー率が高くて、更新のスピードも速くて、完全なトレーニング資料ですから、JPshiken を手に入れたら、全てのIT認証が恐くなくなります。

試験科目:Corrosion and Materials Professional
問題と解答:全455問 API-571 更新版

>> API-571 更新版


NO.1 Changing to a more corrosion resistant and/or higher hardness material _________ improve
cavitation resistance.
A. May not
B. Will
C. May
D. Will not
Answer: A

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NO.2 Thermal fatigue is caused by:
A. Excessive thermal growth.
B. Cyclic stresses that come from temperature variations.
C. Long term operation at elevated temperatures.
D. Hours of physical activity during a hot summer day.
Answer: B


NO.3 Sulfide stress cracking (SSC) is defined as cracking of metal under the combined action of
tensile stress and corrosion in the presence of _________ and _________.
A. Hydrogen, water
B. H(2)S, Oxygen
C. Sulfur, Oxide
D. Water, H(2)S
Answer: D


NO.4 In design and fabrication, it is advisable to avoid sharp changes in cross section, such as short
radius fillets or undercut that can give rise to _________.
Long-seam welds are particularly susceptible to reheat cracking due to mismatch caused by fit up
A. Circumferential stress
B. Stress concentrations
C. Cracking
D. All of the above
Answer: B

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